7th October 2021


The Carriageworks, Leeds




7 Amazing Speakers

About SwiftLeeds 🚀

SwiftLeeds is a brand new conference hosted in the heart of Leeds City Centre, in The Carriageworks Theatre on Millennium Square. SwiftLeeds is going to be a jam-packed 1-day conference with some amazing community experts.

You will be joined by community expert speakers and others looking to skill up and network.

The day will consist of talks, networking, and learning lots of new skills.

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Intro – SwiftLeeds

I'm delighted to be hosting SwiftLeeds, a brand new conference I had the idea for a few years ago. These last few years have been rocky for many and I can't wait to bring the community back together in the same venue listening to some of the best talents across the industry.

Server-side Swift State of the Union: Life after async/await

In this talk we’ll take a look at the current state of server-side Swift. The last year has seen some major changes for the ecosystem, most notably with the introduction of async/await. We’ll discuss how that has changed the frameworks and the other Swift changes that will be fundamental in propelling server-side Swift to the next level.

Using Core Data in a SwiftUI application

Core Data is an ancient framework by now while SwiftUI is an extremely young framework to build user interfaces. So how do these frameworks cooperate? Are they a good

Drinks Break

Take a moment, grab a fresh drink or even use this time to soak up the amazing content!

Understanding Data Races and Actors

Swift's concurrency changes introduced Actors as an answer to race conditions in Swift. This talk explains to you what data races are today, how you can detect them using


We have partnered with the amazing Yorkshire Catering, who is a local business from Leeds. We can't wait for you to see the grub we have planned!

Understanding and Using the App Store Connect API

Click. Page load. Click. Page load. Click. Page load. The App Store Connect website is great but it can be very tedious and time consuming if you need to

Drinks Break

Take a moment, grab a fresh drink or even use this time to soak up the amazing content!

Party & Drinks 🍹

We have got exclusive access to The Revolution Bar (just behind The Carriageworks Theatre) and you have a drink on us 🥳🥤

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Speakers 🎤

Danijela Vrzan

Danijela is an ex-civil engineer turned iOS developer. After working for a few years, she realized the world of civil engineering was not as fulfilling as she expected, so she decided to do something

Peter Friese

Senior Developer Advocate at Google on Firebase 🔥

Peter is a Senior Developer Advocate on the Firebase team at Google. His mission is to help developers build insanely great apps on Apple’s platforms using Firebase. His current focus is on SwiftUI, Combine, async/await, and everything Auth.

Josh Holtz

Josh is the lead maintainer of fastlane tools and co-owner of RokkinCat — a software consulting company based in Milwaukee, WI. He started working on fastlane in 2015 and took over as lead maintainer in 2018.  He has a

Antoine van der Lee

As a Staff iOS Engineer at WeTransfer, Antoine’s work is focused on code architecture and team processes. He's passionate about contributing to the iOS community where you might know him from his weekly blog posts on his personal blog called

Tim Condon

Tim is a Swift developer from Manchester, UK. He's the server-side Swift team lead at and has written the unofficial-official book on Vapor with the founders of the framework. He founded Broken Hands a few

Donny Wals

I’m a passionate, curious iOS developer from The Netherlands. I regularly publish articles on my blog, write books, and I regularly host workshops. In my spare time, I like to play the guitar, and I’m a huge fan of

Jordi Bruin

Jordi became an indie Apple developer after doing design, UX and other creative work for eight years at an agency. He aims to create tools that improve people's lives, whether they’re allergic, mute, deaf or Apple developers. In his

More speakers announced soon 🚀

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Event FAQS / find your answers

As you will understand COVID-19 is still very much around us and as you know from the previous year we take this very seriously. We considered all the guidelines from the UK Government and have decided on the following. If you can, please check into the venue using the NHS COVID app, or use our piece of paper on entry. Masks won't be compulsory, but we won't stop you either, if you feel more comfortable wearing a mask, then we will have some on entry for you. Hand sanitiser will be available around the venue. Please be considerate, watch the space around you and if you feel unwell, please don't arrive and message us for a full refund.
Please arrive at The Carriageworks for 8:30 AM, please try to arrive promptly because we are running a tight schedule ;]
Unless you have specific needs, you don't need to bring anything other than your digital Eventbrite ticket. You should have received this via email when you purchased one. This will allow us to check you in quickly and provide you with our lanyard. There will be plenty of food & drink to keep you going :]
Of course! If you don't fancy travelling back after the conference then Leeds has many options. The closest hotel to the conference is Radisson Blu.

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