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Adam Rush founded SwiftLeeds in 2019, born from over ten years of experience attending conferences. The inspiration was bringing a modern, inclusive conference in the North of the UK to be more accessible for all.

SwiftLeeds is now run with over ten community volunteers building the website, iOS applications and making sure we cover all the bases on the day. SwiftLeeds is entirely non-profit, and the funds make sure we can deliver the best experience possible.

In-person conferences are the best way to meet like-minded people who enjoy building apps with Swift. You can also learn from the best people in the industry and chat about all things Swift.


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Allison McEntire

Urban Outfitters

Ibrahima Ciss

iOS Consultant

Aviel Gross

Bēhance, Adobe

Donny Wals


Anna Beltrami


Sanaa Shahzadi

Sky Betting & Gaming

Florian Schweizer


Poornima Suraj

Sky Betting & Gaming

Vincent Pradeilles



Adam Rush will be hosting this year's SwiftLeeds and will be welcoming you all in true SwiftLeeds fashion. Adam will try to be funny at times and really inject lots of motivation, ready for some fantastic talks ahead.

In this talk, you will learn everything you need to know about using DynamicProperty to build custom property wrappers that integrate with SwiftUI’s view lifecycle and environment beautifully. And more importantly, you will learn how you can write unit tests for your custom property wrappers as well.

Donny Wals / DonnyWals.com

Designing for modularity can be pretty challenging, especially if we didn't start earlier in the process. This can lead to longer build time, tightly coupled code, and hard to maintain, extend and test your app.

In this talk, I'll show you how to design your app in a loosely-coupled way and then break your monolithic app into independent modules via Swift Package Manager, each doing precisely just one thing.

Ibrahima Ciss / iOS Consultant

It's time to take a well-deserved break; there will be coffee, tea, water and more. You can take time to network, meet new people or relax and absorb all that information you have listened to.

SwiftUI is powerful and flexible, but sometimes confusing. Things like modifiers order, inline views, body complexity, and POD views, can all seriously affect our performance. In this talk, we will learn the best ways to use SwiftUI for resource-heavy and dynamic UIs, while maintaining the golden 60fps.

In 2022, we (Adobe Bēhance) rebuilt our navigation infra, and our main Feed, in SwiftUI. We also insisted the app must run great on the worst phone we support - iPhone 6S Plus. Getting there was a journey.

We will start by comparing SwiftUI to UIKit: We know there’s no more View Controller, and views are mere “function of their state”, but what does it mean? Next, we will dive into specific scenarios and see how this new way of thinking is critical for achieving great performance. We will learn things like:

  • Avoiding redundant view diffing
  • Controlling view update lifecycle
  • How to “hide” complex states to improve performance
  • Avoiding SwiftUI’s pitfalls, like nested publishers and iOS 14 vs 15 behaviour
  • And more…

Aviel Gross / Bēhance, Adobe

In this duo talk with Poornima and Sanaa, we'll be exploring how to create the most efficient UI automation using Apple's UI automation frameworks. We'll be covering:

  • What is UI automation testing
  • Setting up the framework
  • BDD
  • Base Class
  • Page Object Model
  • Data mocking
  • Execution: Test Plans/test schemes
  • Test Results: Reporting
  • Debugging - breakpoints, prints, etc
  • CI
  • Pros and cons

Poornima Suraj / Sky Betting & Gaming

We have partnered with the venue to provide us with handmade food. The venue has an incredible chef who will produce food to cater to everyone. They have access to a stone-baked pizza oven to provide fresh pizza slices and handmade buffet food with a vast selection. Don't forget your handmade brownie or Bakewell slice 😋

What's the easiest way to deal with asynchronous code? A couple of years ago, the answer would have been Combine.

But in 2021, async / await was integrated into Swift, making dealing with simple asynchronous use cases much more straightforward and intuitive.

Then in 2022, the Swift team released their new AsyncAlgorithms module, which clearly seems like a fully-fledged alternative to Combine!

So in this talk, I want to discuss the current state of asynchronous code management as of October 2022 and provide examples of how we can build apps using SwiftUI, async / await and AsyncAlgorithms.

Vincent Pradeilles / Photoroom

Talk TBC

Anna Beltrami / Spotify

It's time to take a well-deserved break; there will be coffee, tea, water and more. You can take time to network, meet new people or relax and absorb all that information you have listened to.

Swift's modern concurrency APIs allow for greater flexibility and future-proofing in unit testing.

In this session, I will demonstrate how we updated our unit testing strategy as we adopted async/await in our Combine-based applications at Urban Outfitters.

Additionally, I will demonstrate how to use AsyncStream to mock networking calls, how to update Combine tests with AsyncSequence, and how to optimize tests by implementing Task functions and phasing out waitForExpectations.

Allison McEntire / Urban Outfitters

The Apple ecosystem is known to outsiders for its simplicity and ease of use.

From a developers' point of view,, that is a different story - with WWDC introducing incredible amounts of new features and APIs each year, new devices are coming out, and new hardware features are added to existing devices. People developing in this ecosystem for a while will know that learning and learning about new features, frameworks, and tools are just as crucial as writing actual code.

Over the past years, I have tried out many different approaches, and in this talk, I share those approaches, highlight what worked for me and give concrete examples to motivate listeners to expand their knowledge and try new ways to learn. The talk also covers how you can reflect on your own code and how sharing can make you a better developer, whether you’re an indie or working in a company.

Florian Schweizer / Flowritesco.de

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Leeds is one of the biggest cities in the UK, it contributes a major part of the UK economy with a huge technology presence. Leeds, has some of the biggest technology companies across the UK and is hugely accessible. Leeds is situated in the North Eastarn part of the UK.

Leeds has an International Airport which is approx 15 minutes from the city centre by car.

If you're travelling from outside the UK, you're likely going to fly in to Manchester or Leeds, if you're flying to Leeds your best onward travel is via local taxi which can take you directly to the city, and will cost you approximately £20. If you're travelling into Manchester, you can either take the Train which will have direct trains to Leeds City and will take approx 1hr.

If you're travelling inside the UK, you can take the train to our huge railway station and the venue is approx 15 minute walk from the station, alternatively you could hop in a taxi which will take 5 minutes.

The venue is situated near the major bus station, so a bus is also an option but this is for local travel around Leeds or surrounding areas only. The venue The Playhouse is situated on the eastern side of the city, and is walking distance to all that Leeds has to offer.


October 7th, 2021

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